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Trex Hidden Fasteners - Why your new deck needs them

Posted by Daniel C. on Sep 24th 2022

A good-looking deck is so important to all homeowners who have one. An essential component to the finished appearance is having a seamless and smooth looking surface to the entire deck and each individual deck board. This is what Trex Hideaway Universal Hidden Fasteners provides.

Made for Trex grooved deck boards, hidden fasteners attach the board to the joist with no visible screw heads showing on the surface. This means that your deck will have a smooth and blemish free surface with no eye sores that can be found with the naked eye.

When it comes to building a deck with Trex boards, using Trex hidden fasteners is a must. Firstly, if there were any boards that needed to be replaced down the road, the fastener allows for easy removal to make any repairs. Second, Using these fasteners will ensure that your deck build remains covered by the Trex warranty.