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Simpson Hardware

Simpson Strong Tie

Concealed Joist Hanger


The LUC provids support underneath the joist, rafter or beam to ensure a strong connection. This joist hanger has concealed header flanges that make for cleaner visible lines. The LUC is engineered for strength and provides for quick and easy...

Simpson Strong Tie

Stair Stringer Hanger


This Stair stringer connector is a verstile concealed connection between the stringer and the carrying header or rim board. It is for solid or notched stringers. Facts: interchangeble for right or left applications  ZMAX coating for corrosion...

Simpson Strong Tie

4 x4 Post Cap


The LPCZ (light post cap) is made for connections between a 4x or 6x beam and a post. Made with an Adjustable design that allows for new and retrofit applications.  Facts: ZMAX coating  Always install in pairs, elminates need for lefts and...

Simpson Strong Tie

Deck Tension Tie Kit


DTT tension tie kits are a cost effective and safe way to meet and exceed code requirments for deck building. They are also rated as a hold down for light-duty shearwalls and braced wall panel applications.  DTT1Z  Kit inlcudes 4 DTT1Z...

Simpson Strong Tie

Brick Veneer Ledger Connector (4 ct)


Code compliant solution for adding a deck to a house with brick veneers. Attatches wood ledger to the framing through the veneer. Allows for install without removing veneers.  connector kit includes a steel ledger plate, a compression strut, two 14"...

Simpson Strong Tie

AC Adjustable Post Cap


Designed to securley connect a beam and post. Good for new or retrofit use where structural support is needed. The AC has numerous nailing patterns for different load options.  AC4 use for 4x nominal lumber, and AC6 for 6x nominal lumber.  ...

Simpson Strong Tie

ABA Adjustable Post Base


The ABA post base from Simpson Strong-Tie is designed to attach wooden posts to exisitng concrete. It is made with a slotted anchor hole in the base for adjustability making this a cost effective and verstile option for securing posts to bases. ...

Simpson Strong Tie

Simpson A35Z Framing Anchor


The A35 is a reversible framing angle that can make a variety of connections. The framing angle comes with a bend slot that allows accurate bends for two and three way ties. The angle is secured with nails and utilizes a speed prong for quick and easy...